About Southern Charm Mini Aussies....
Southern Charm Mini Aussies is located in the sunny state of Florida in the small town of
Fellsmere. Here we have 40 acres for a few cattle,horses and our Aussie kids. ( How we fell in
love with the aussie) When my daughters were in high school they competed in rodeo all
events so we were on the road a lot and we seen this adorable miniature australian shepherd
puppy we feel in love. So I did my research about the miniature australian shepherds and loved
what they had to offer and that is when I set out to find the Perfect Mini Aussies Puppy by
researching health, hips, eyes and temperaments of parents and Then reputable breeders. I
finally found the perfect puppies to join our family It was love at first site. The girls traveled to
all the rodeos with us and helped me work cattle and are always at my side or in my lap. That is
when I started talking to my sister about breeding. She has been a breeder of Golden
retrievers for 20 years. I told her I wanted to become a breeder of The Beautiful Miniature
Australian Shepherds. MY GOAL: To Improve the breed NOT to breed for quantity but for
QUALITY and here at Southern charm we have done our best to acquire the best ( Sires and
Dams) to produce the best Quality PUPPIES of: Genetics, temperament, intelligent, agility,
herding ability And best of all they are Super Loyal Companions. Our puppies are born in our
home were our moms are the most confrontable and if mom needs a little help I can assist. At
2 days old they go to visit the vet to have dew claws removed, tail docked if not natural dock
and a check up. For the next 10 days we give our mother and puppies some privacy. And then
at 2 weeks the socialization begins we expose the puppies to different noises: Tv ,music,
voices ECT. And Most Importantly Socializing with them and a lot of cuddling I get watch how
each puppy develops their own personality and some of the silly thing they do as they get
older. As the puppies get older they learn to use the doggie door and begin their stage of potty
training and a lot of Socializing,playing and swimming. HEALTH: Puppies at 6 weeks of age are
started on NUVET PLUS SUPPLEMENTS and are introduced to a puppy food, I only feed
holistic puppy food and dog food I believe that is healthier for them. WORMERS: Would only
be used on as needed bases. I use a Great Heart Guard combo product on my Adults dogs to
minimize worming puppies. At 7 1/2 weeks of age they will go for another vet visit for there 1st
set of puppy shots and a complete health exam and at that time they will get their health
certificate. Before Puppy goes to his/or her new loving family he/she will have been started on
a heart guard preventative and will be micro chipped. 8 WEEKS OF AGE they will be ready to
go to there new forever home to be a Great Companion or to Excel in the Show ring or to be
used for herding or agility. There intelligent mines, athletic ability and conformation will allow
you to competed or to have a truly LOYAL COMPANION for life. Southern Charm Mini Aussies
would like to thank all the repeat clients and there referrals
Southern Charm Mini Aussies
Debra Blanchard
              14450 111 street                        
Fellsmere, Florida
(772) 633-1106  
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The new name for this Breed will be       
Miniature American Shepherd                  
AKA: Miniature  Australian Shepherd