New Litter


   Cheyenne  and  Cowboy – had 5 Healthy puppie’s born July 18 , 2017  Pictures soon!                                                                     …

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Puppy adoption fees

        Southern Charm’s puppy prices on a Spay / Neuter contract.   Miniature American Shepherd  also know as ( Mini Aussies or Miniature Austrailan Shepherd ) FEMALE’S ( on spay contract ) Blue/Red Merle’s – $1400.00 Red/Black TRI or BI (brown / amber eye) – $ 1150.00 …

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About Miniature Australian Shepherds

What Is a Miniature Aussie? A Miniature Australian Shepherd (now recognized by AKC as Miniature American Shepherd) was developed by breeding smaller size Australian Shepherds for the desired size. Mini Aussies exhibit all the same characteristics as their larger variation: athleticism, intelligence, herding instinct, loyalty and vigor. They are a compact dog with all the …

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