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About Miniature Australian Shepherds

What Is a Miniature Aussie/Mini American Shepherd ?

A Miniature Australian Shepherd (now recognized by AKC as Miniature American Shepherd) was developed by breeding smaller size Australian Shepherds for the desired size. Mini Aussies exhibit all the same characteristics as their larger variation: athleticism, intelligence, herding instinct, loyalty. They are a compact dog with all the best to offer.


In 1968 a breeding program to develop the Miniature Australian Shepherd was begun by Doris Cordova. Breeders used smaller dogs to produce a miniature size that is a mirror image of the Australian Shepherd in standard, character and intellect. In coming years, more breeders have joined their efforts and 1980s the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA and the Miniature Australian Shepherd Association were formed to promote and register the smaller dogs.


Toy Height: 10 – 14 inches (26 – 36 cm). 7 – 20 pounds (3 – 9 kg)
Miniature Height:  13 – 18 inches (33 – 46 cm).  15 – 35 pounds (6 – 16 kg)


Mini Aussies are very lively, agile, attentive and easygoing puppies that love to play. They are easily trainable and are a devoted friend and guardian. They are very energetic and need a job to do. As a breed that is very intelligent they get easily bored so adequate outlet for both physical and mental energy is crucial. They may become destructive if adequate stimuli is not provided. Their herding background at times is quite strong and gives them the tendency to try to herd people, especially small children, nipping at their heels. This behavior needs to be addressed when they are young, teach them that herding humans is not allowed. Once their needs are met Mini Aussies make an amazing family dog, strong athletes, fine companions and a loyal friend.  


The Mini Australian Shepherd has a medium-length coat. It comes in many color combinations: blue or red merle, red or black tricolor, all with white and/or tan markings. The pigmentation/hair around the ears and eyes should not be white, as the dog may have eyesight or hearing problems. The coat is thick, may be straight or slightly wavy. Back of the legs should have feathering  and a mane around the neck  should be full with frill. The hindquarters of the dog should be the same length as the forequarters and the top of the skull flat and clean cut. Their legs should demonstrate good bone and feet that are oval and compact.

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